Linux Mint Founder is Against Israel

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Linux
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Linux Mint is a popular distribution of Linux based on Ubuntu. It was first launched in 2006 by Clement Lefebvre, a French-born IT specialist living and working in Ireland.

Clement Lefebvre wrote on the Linux Mint blog on May 3, 2009, “I don’t want any money or help coming from Israel or people who support the action of their current government.” He prefaced that comment with, “If you do not agree I kindly ask you not to use Linux Mint and not to donate money to it.”

It is unforntunate that he decided to use the distribution for his political agenda. Please notice he did not just state his view, he made using Linux Mint contingent on agreeing with his politics. So using Linux Mint means you agree with his anti-Israili stance. The post has now been deleted.

Now Clement Lefebvre is free to believe whatever he wants to believe, but suggesting that agreeing with his political views is required for using Linux Mint is wrong. He seems to have backed down from that connection, but he still is “against a country and its government,” namely Israel.

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  1. Somebody says:

    It seems he did get away with it anyway which is a big shame, Linux Mint is more popular than ever now. What a worthless moron, doesn’t give a damn about the dozens of civil wars in the world or the women being stoned in iran or the carpet bombing of afghan peasants… but then when it comes to the only country where arabs can criticize their government without being thrown in jail or getting raped he has some very big principles. Screw him.

    • TheProfessor says:

      People re-hasing the subject in the comments I see lol. He said this almost a year ago.

      He made the comment about the “Government & State” not the “Jewish” people.

      As for your comment on Iran, Iranian women serve in the government, work in the public and private sector and have their freedoms, turn off your tv and read a book.

      It was 1 woman, not “Women” as if it’s an epidemic.

      The woman you refer to ( I’m sure of ) is the one who committed adultery, by the Torah it is also considered a capital punishment for the crime, so, don’t be a hypocrite.

      Carpet Bombing of peasants? Is this before or after the United States invaded and the heroine trade grew by 800%?

      Israel was created through Western Imperialism & Maintains it’s power through Terrorism, that is a fact, not an opinion.

      Documentary on the occupation of Palestine & it’s history

      And Jewish Scholar & Professor on the Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine

      Get busy and start studying, don’t stay ignorant.

  2. murali dharan says:

    dont care about politics of other countries. With corruption plagueing all the countries we have our own shit to take care of.
    As far as distributions go, linux mint is the one for me. He aslo made the WISE decision to make the gnome 3 (or unity ) experience optional while every other distribution – main ones atleast forced their decisions and internal politics on us. That is all that matters to me…

  3. Mathias says:

    Just another reason to use it.

    And its name is Palestine…

  4. Quite unfortunate that such a f**ktard has to link the open community projects to his personnal beliefs. So much for unifying people. Moron.

    Oh and yes, I am of Jewish confession and Israeli of Arab descent FYI, Clement Lefebvre.

  5. Jim Burnett says:

    Is Clement Lefebvre still involved with Linux Mint?

    • Jay Forrest says:

      Yes, he is the head developer and the only full time paid employee.

      • Jim Burnett says:

        This is wrong. How can someone like this, in a political correct world like ours, get away with this? If he were American Linux Mint wouldn’t exist right now or he would have been forced to step down.

      • Jay Forrest says:

        He got a lot of flack and has ceased airing his opinions. He kind of apologized for stating them in the Linux Mint forum. He didn’t apologize for his comment, just for doing so on the Linux Mint forums. And you are probably right about the “political correct world” we live in.

      • Jim Burnett says:

        Should I NOT make a big deal about this? I wrote up a long, pissed off blog post but now I wonder if it’s too late.

      • Jay Forrest says:

        I think that he has a right to believe whatever he wants. He even has a right to share his opinion. But I believe it was wrong for him to state his opinion on the Linux Mint forum. Is it a big deal? Yes and no. If he continued to do it I would stop using Linux Mint. People should keep their politics separate from their community projects.

      • Jim Burnett says:

        Yeah I agree with that I guess. I think its said and done and I’ll just like to here form my blog instead of writing up a big post about it.

      • tarsman says:

        I was about to shift from ubuntu to linuxmint. But knowing this issue, I without any second thought, I will not use linuxmint. I support Israel.

      • Jim Blogger says:

        There really isn’t enough difference to switch from ubuntu to mint anyway. I mean, anyway can take Ubuntu, change the logo and call it “Jim Linux” for that matter.

        The fact is, if this was done by an American they would have been strung up and the Linux Mint project would be no more.

  6. kamome says:

    Can you read? Can you think?
    He is not opposed to Israelis, he is opposed to violence and injustice – from either side; against terrorism from the Israeli Government or from the Palestinians. And he is right on that, damn it!

    “Speaking in your official capacity with Linux Mint, are those who disagree with you on Israel welcome to contribute to Linux Mint?

    “Yes or no will suffice.”

    The answer:

    Bradley: Yes. I know this was confusing because of the wording I used in my initial post and that was a mistake. I have no issue with people disagreeing with me. My real aversion is to see horrible things happening and to think that I can be working in harmony or doing business with people directly involved in them. If you disagree with me that’s fair enough, everybody have their own opinions. Now of course if you’re directly involved in cruel actions and terrorism (either on one side or another), you do what you want but I’m not sure I want to receive your money, your help or anything of the sort. That’s only fair and the difference here is that I don’t only see terrorism on the Palestinian side, I see it used by the Israeli army as well.

  7. James says:

    interesting point.. since Israel does not use terrorism, it is democtatic it would use terrorism as much as the usa would.. if you are referring to the targeted killing of the leadership of terrorist organizations in the Palestinian areas and calling that terrorism then what we did to osama bin laden and others would be terrroism also. Israel has to go on the defensive to combat terrorism. it has been said that when the arabs love their kids more than they hate Israel there will be peace. when they stop STOP murdering us, there will be peace.. there never was a check point, roadblock, not partiton wall between our two peoples until Arafat began the first intifada.. after that all hell broke loose on us.. and after the second intifada we introduced targeted killing of their terrorist leadership.Just why do you think Abbas, and his people have not much beef with Israel? they know Israel wil not do anything to them if they do nothing to Israel. We gave gaza back to them in a good will gesture complete with working green houses funded by american and Jewish Donors; and had employed Arab workers from the Gaza area, the income from these two green houses would have netted the Gazans 1 million dollars a year in produce, the leadership at that time (abbas) did also approved it, but did nothing to stop his people and Hamas destroying it all. Only because it was in Jewish now they launch rockets at our people almost daily and in most cases numerous times a day. we went into operation cast lead to stop it. but we failed only because we listened to the western powers which have no idea what is happening. And those videos posted above are and that of llan pape, a Jew who hates his homeland.. just as many People in the USA hate the USA.. no different anywhere. except he is renown as a historian, though his methods and actions dictate he is not speaking the truth and makes up quotes from Israeli Jews in History to give Israel a bad light.
    a few like pape have been making up stories of Israel atrocities for many years now.. and getting away with it. always check the sources of quotes. always

  8. sajwkjwjk says:

    When will people just concentrate on making great software instead of blathering on about petty, irrelevant political fights? Does this really have anything to do with me?

    Oh and BTW, the US, Palestine and Israel have all committed crimes against human rights and made decisions of dubious moral value. There is no reason to see any side is better or worse than the other.